International Workshop on SRMPDS

Scheduling and Resource Management for Parallel and Distributed Systems

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The 16th International Workshop on Scheduling and Resource Management for Parallel and Distributed Systems will be held in Edmonton, AB, Canada, in conjunction with the ICPP’20 - 2020 International Conference on Parallel Processing.

Resource management and scheduling is a crucial task on large-scale computing systems. It plays an essential role in the optimization of resources usage. The goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers and practitioners working in the areas of resource scheduling and resource management to exchange and share their experiences, new ideas, and latest research results on all aspects of scheduling and resource management in parallel and distributed systems including Grids and Clouds.

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Events will be held on August 17th virtually. All time is UTC!!!.

The keynote will be live presentation. After the keynote, each paper will have 5 minutes to briefly introduce their work(Compiled Slides). We assume that our audience has watched the full presentation recording before the workshop. We start Q & A for all papers, after all 5-minutes teaser talk.

Start End Event
12:00 12:05 Opening Remarks
12:05 13:00 Keynote Presentation
Toward Smart HPC via Intelligent Scheduling
Zhiling Lan, Illinois Institute of Technology
[Abstract & Bio], [Slides], [Talk on YouTube]
13:00 13:05 Amirhossein Sayyadabdi, Mohsen Sharifi (Iran University of Science and Technology). Avoiding Register Overflow in the Bakery Algorithm,[Talk on YouTube, Slides]
13:05 13:10 Priya Mishra, Tushar Agarwal, Preeti Malakar (Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur). Communication-aware Job Scheduling using SLURM. [Talk on YouTube, Slides]
13:10 13:15 Sunimal Rathnayake(National University of Singapore), Lavanya Ramapantulu (Nanyang Technological University), Yong Meng Teo(National University of Singapore). Characterizing the Cost-Accuracy Performance of Cloud Applications, [Talk on YouTube, Slides]
13:15 13:20 Jing Chen, Pirah Noor Soomro, Mustafa Abduljabbar, Madhavan Manivannan, Miquel Pericas (Chalmers University of Technology). Scheduling Task-parallel Applications in Dynamically Asymmetric Environments. [Talk on YouTube, Slides]
13:20 13:25 Ashish Kumar, Naman Jain, Preeti Malakar(Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur). Network and Load-aware Resource Manager for MPI Programs, [Talk on YouTube, Slides]
13:25 13:30 Luan Teylo, Rafaela C. Brum (Fluminense Federal University), Luciana Arantes( Sorbonne Université), Pierre Sens (Sorbonne Université), Lúcia Maria de A. Drummond (Fluminense Federal University). Developing Checkpointing and Recovery Procedures with the Storage Services of Amazon Web Services, [Talk on YouTube, Slides]
13:30 14:00 Q & A, Discussion
14:00 14:05 Closing SRMPDS’20 workshop and Announcing SRMPDS’21


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